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Related post: caruncle forming an apical appendix. Flowering is from February Order Aldactone to June, depending upon the region and fruiting from August to October. 4. ESTABLISHED MODERN PHARMACEUTICAL USES None identified. 5. FOLK MEDICINAL USES A decoction of the bark and periderm is used as a treatment for Cheap Aldactone cramps, leucorrhea, tumors, ulcers, gangrenous wounds and haemorrhages. 20 grams of grated bark Order Aldactone Online and periderm are boiled for 5 minutes in a litre of water. The decoction is applied externally. A similar decoction using 2 litres instead of 1 Aldactone Buy is taken internally 3 times a day as a treatment for liver complaints, fever, dysentery, Aldactone 50 Mg rheumatism and ulcers. 20 grams of grated bark and periderm preserved in 60% alcohol for 30 days is taken internally Buy Aldactone Online in small quantities twice a day for the same complaints. A decoction of the root is taken internally as a depurative for the blood. A decoction of the leaves is taken internally to treat fever and diarrhoea, while the same decoction is used externally for haemorrhages, tumors and blenorrhea. -128 - The white honey derived from the flowers is used as a stomach tonic. 6. MAJOR CHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS AND MEDICINAL PRODUCTS Not analyzed to date but the presence of tannin is indicated (see 11) in the peri derm. 7. HARVESTING, CONSERVING AND PREPARATION No information available. 8. ECONOMICS AND MARKETING The species* greatest importance is its utilization in the textile Aldactone Online and timber < industry. Wood characteristics: yellowish-white wood, uniformly flexible, presenting a rose tonality, moderately heavy and hard, very susceptible to the action of deleterious agents. Elastic Aldactone Cost and resistant wood, with a specific weight between 0.530 and 0,586. 9. SILVICS No information available. 10. MAJOR DISEASES No information available. 11. OTHER USES The Genus produces good-looking wood, used in the making of artistic objects, butts of firearms, airplane propellers, pianos, construction beams, chairs, brushes, saddles and shoe moulds. The fibres of the cortex are utilized in the making of cords and braids. The tannin found in the periderm (Inner bark) is employed in the tanning of leather. The name "horse whip" (aqoita-cavalo) derived because of the straight Aldactone Price and flexible branches, which are used as rustic horse whips. It is popular belief that the whole family is considered sacred and ropes are made from the fibres of the cortex, serving as amulets which protect one from witchcraft. Hoehne (1978), considers the family harmful to those animals which eat Buy Aldactone its leaves or fruits, however some types of large leaves may be considered as forage. 12. BIBLIOGRAPHY Purchase Aldactone Hoehne, F.C. Plantas e Substancias Vegetais T6xicas e Aldactone Order Medicinais. (1978) Departamento de Botanico do Purchase Aldactone Online Estado de S. Aldactone Tablets Paulo. Ed. Novos Horizontes, Sao Paulo. 355 p. - 129 - PLATE XX. Luehea paniculata Mart DftBl Buy Cheap Aldactone EC4QB) Plate XX. Luehea paniculata Mart. (a) cross section of Aldactone 25 Mg flower (b) detail of anther (c) gynoecium Aldactone Mg (d) floral bud (e) cross section of ovary (From Ratter, J.A. et^ al exsiccate 930 and 151 Generic Aldactone UB) -130 - 10 10
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